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Must Have Self-Care Products For The Holiday Season

With the craziness and bustle of the holiday season upon us, self-care has never been more important. This is the time of year we strive to make our loved ones’ holiday dreams come true. Oftentimes, this can leave us worn out and in desperate need of self-care.

Self-care is an important part of maintaining our mental health. Everyone has a different way of practicing self-care. Hemp products can be an ideal way to practice self-care in a number of ways. From CBD to minor cannabinoid products, many individuals have incorporated hemp products into their self-care routines. Some individuals prefer hemp products that promote anti-inflammatory properties, and some prefer calming or sleep-promoting properties. Whatever the reason may be, hemp products can be a great self-care tool for many individuals.

CBD American Shaman has a plethora of self-care goodies that won’t break the bank. From Vapes to topicals, tinctures, and beyond, there is something on our store shelves for everyone. Shoppers can find a variety of hemp products at their local CBD American Shaman store in Richardson, Irving, or Midlothian. Our team of dedicated staff members can help find the ideal match for your needs.

Not sure where to start? These hemp products may be the self-care items you need to help get through the holiday season.

Cinnamon Toast HHC Disposable Vape

Looking for an HHC product that is both high quality and tasty? Then look no further than our hemp derived HHC Cinnamon Toast vape. This disposable vape pen is discrete and packed full of flavor.

Each vape contains 1000mg of total cannabinoids, providing those who enjoy HHC products with a potent product they are sure to love. And with a pre-charged battery, this vape is ready to go right out of the box! Give yourself the gift of HHC this season with our tasty Cinnamon Toast HHC disposable vape.

cinnamon toast hhc carts

CBD Face Cream

The winter air wrecks havoc on our skin, leaving a dry, itchy mess that is a nightmare to deal with. Treat yourself with our CBD Face Cream made from high quality American grown hemp. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD is at your fingertips in a convenient face cream. This high quality face cream contains 60mg of CBD per container. Additionally, each CBD Face Cream comes in a 2oz container, making this a great option for those with an on-the-go lifestyle.

Our formula is designed to give those who use our products the best experience without leaving a greasy residue on the skin. And like all of our products, our face cream undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure we are providing our shoppers with the best products possible. Once you try it, it is sure to be a must-have for your self-care routine.

Zen Master Delta 8 Bath Bomb

Sometimes what we need to unwind is a hot, relaxing bath. Take that self-care activity up a notch with our Zen Master Delta 8 Bath Bomb. This lavender and lilac scented bath bomb is perfect for a soothing end to a stressful day of holiday prep. 

Each bath bomb contains 40mg of Delta 8 THC and 40mg of Nano CBD derived from American grown hemp. There is nothing better than taking a hot bath with one of our bath bombs to help relax and unwind. This product is designed for maximum relaxation, unlike any topical product you may have experienced. The only way to truly understand is to try one out for yourself!

CBDA and CBGA Extract Comprehensive Immunity Support

Trying to get everything done during the holiday season can leave us feeling run down and tired. CBD American Shaman’s CBDA and CBGA Extract Comprehensive Immunity Support Tincture is a great addition in your daily routine to help keep you going. Made using our patented nano-technology and American grown hemp, this is a must have product for the holiday season.

Each bottle contains 1200mg total nano cannabinoids in a water soluble tincture. This product can be ingested orally using the sublingual method or by stirring into your favorite drink. Once you try it, this tincture is sure to be one of your favorite products!

cbda cbga extract comprehensive immunity support

CBNight Gummies and Tincture

Need a product that promotes sleep? CBD American Shaman has the exact products you have been looking for. Our CBNight gummies and water soluble tincture are a great option for self-care. We have several CBN options to choose from, so those both new and experienced can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful cannabinoid!

CBD American Shaman’s CBNight Gummies are a tasty way to end your day. Each bottle contains 30 2mg CBN gummies made derived from high quality hemp. And with our delicious fruit flavor, adding CBN to your self-care routine has never been easier! Serving sizes start with one gummy and can be adjusted until the desired results are achieved.

Do you prefer to add a tincture to your favorite nighttime drink? Our CBNight water soluble tincture may be the product you have been looking for! Each bottle contains 4mg total cannabinoids from broad spectrum hemp extract. Simply consume orally using the sublingual method or by stirring a dropper-full into your favorite nighttime drink. However you prefer to consume our tincture, it is sure to be a favorite part of your self-care routine.

Where to Find These Products

All of these products and more can be found at your local CBD American Shaman of Las Colinas store in Irving, Midlothian, and Richardson. We encourage shoppers to stop by and shop in person to receive the benefit of assistance from our knowledgeable staff members. After all, you take care of everyone on the holidays, let us help take care of you. We are available to help answer all of your questions and concerns in order to help match you with the right hemp product for your needs.

And when you shop in person, you can even pick up a free sample product to try. So what are you waiting for? Stop by CBD American Shaman of Las Colinas to pick up the self-care products you need to help make this holiday season a success!

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