Gone With the Wind Museum

The new Gone With the Wind Museum opened its doors at 305 E 2nd St, Cleburne, TX 76031. The museum features dozens of items from the film, including original newspapers, magazines, and the famous “Scarlett Chocolates” candy box. It also has a gift shop with hundreds of souvenirs and memorabilia, including an exclusive signed first printing of the novel.

The museum’s founder, Vicky Rogers, was so enamored with the book that she amassed a 6,000-piece collection of items inspired by the novel. She opened the museum two weeks ago, and says she didn’t know what to expect when she first opened it. She says she couldn’t have chosen a better location for the exhibits, as the collection quickly outgrew their home. Browse next article 

The museum is a nonprofit organization that houses a diverse collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia. It also includes the historic courthouse in Cleburne, the Big Bear Native American Museum, the Terry House, a Bird Watching Area, Horseback Riding, Teepees, and monthly bluegrass concerts. The museum is also open for tours and events. In the summer, you can see a live show of “Gone With the Wind” on the outdoor stage.

The museum’s owners are devoted to the preservation of the original movie and memorabilia. They have a replica of Scarlett O’Hara’s wedding gown and have spent years traveling to other museums to gain insight. They’ve met original cast members and experts about the novel, and have a unique collection of Civil War memorabilia. They’re also proud to display an authentic signature from Confederate Gen. Pat Cleburne and signed documents by Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. 

The museum’s owner, Vicky Rogers, was inspired by the movie and her love of the book. Her collection of “Gone with the Wind” memorabilia has spanned over 30 years. It includes the original courthouse and the Big Bear Native American Museum, the Terry House, and several other areas. Its location in Jefferson is considered the “other Atlanta.” The museum is open seven days a week. Browse around this site

The Gone With the Wind Museum Cleburno is home to a beautiful, 6,000-piece collection. It is named after the town where the movie was filmed. The museum is also home to the “Old South” and “The Other Atlanta.” Located in southern Texas, this museum’s mission is to celebrate the history of the movie in the state. The museum’s goal is to preserve the legacy of the film, which captivated audiences and inspired countless generations.

The Gone With the Wind Museum Cleburn is home to more than 400 items from the film and the book. Its unique Christmas tree contains 40 Madame Alexander dolls. Visitors can celebrate the holidays year-round at the museum. The collection was donated to the museum by Bonne and Robert Cantrell. It features a large quilt and a replica of the “Bonnie Blue Butler” dress by the author.